Amiga IO Peripherals


> Company: Individual Computers, Germany
> Date: 2001
> Amiga: A1200A2000, A3000, A4000
> Interface: clock portZorro II
> Autoconfig ID: ID4626 / 5

460800 bps transfer speed
16 byte FIFO buffer
MIDI compatible
DB9 serial connector
16 byte FIFO buffer
supports ECP mode (extended capabilities port)
DB25 parallel connector
can be installed in three ways:
into a Zorro II slot
to the 26 pin expansion port of a Buddha, Buddha Flash, Catweasel Z2, ISDN Surfer, X-Surf or another VarIO (Hypercom, ISDN-Blaster and Highway are incompatible)
to a clock port – only possible with a special version of the VarIO that is only manufactured on order (the difference is the voltage level converter)
clock port pin 40 is marked
if installed into a Zorro II slot the clock port or the 26 pin expansion port (only one of them at a time) can be used for expanding the VarIO
clock port allows using expansions initially designed for the clock port of the A1200
when installed in Zorro slot, pin 40 of the card’s clock port is towards the front side of the computer, pin 19 resp. pin 1 towards the rear side
marked wire of clock port expansions go to pin 19 or pin 40, depending on the manufacturer’s definition – e.g. expansions made by Individual Computers are installed with the red stripe on pin 40 (to the left), expansions of E3B mark pin 19 / pin 1 (to the right)


Amiga VarIO

Front: VarIO front view

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