Amiga Processor Peripherals

Turbo Jet 1230

> Company: Harms Computertechnik, Germany
Date: 1994
Amiga: A1200
Interface: trapdoor slot
Autoconfig ID: ID2080 / 14

68030 @ 28.5 MHz, Clocked Synchronously, PGA
Optional PGA FPU, Can Be Clocked At 28.5 MHz Or Up To 50 MHz With A Separate Oscillator

1, 2, 4, 5 Or 8 MB RAM On Board – The 1MB And 4 MB Configurations Can Be Expanded With Another 1 Or 4 MB RAM By Soldering In The Appropriate RAM Chips
Supports 256k&Times;4 And 1M&Times;4 SOJ Chips, 80 Ns Or Faster
The 5 And 8 MB Configuration Conflicts With The PCMCIA Address Space

Battery Backed Up Clock
MMU And Cache Disable Jumpers
68020 Fallback Mode Selectable By Jumper


Amiga Turbo Jet 1230

Front: Turbo Jet 1230 front view

Amiga Turbo Jet 1230

Front: Turbo Jet 1230 backview

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