Amiga Processor Peripherals

Turbo CD

> Company: W.A.W. Elektronik, Germany
Date: 1994
Amiga: CDTV
Interface: 68000 socket

68020 @ 14.28 MHz PGA, Clocked Synchronously With The Motherboard
Optional PGA FPU, From 68881 @ 14.28 MHz (Synchronous) To 68882 @ 50 MHz (Asynchronous, With Separate Oscillator)

Provides No Memory Expansion But It Is Shaped To Fit Around All Other W.A.W. Products Including The BigRAM CD RAM Expansions
Connects To The 68000 Socket, The 68000 Is Replaced Onto The Board
Fast Kickstart ROM Access
A Wire Has To Be Connected To Gary Chip (Pin 26)
Processor Cache Disable Jumper
For BigRAM CD8 Compatibility, A GAL (Supplied) Has To Be Exchanged On The CD8
On Some Motherboard Revisions, BigRAM CD8 And Turbo CD Have To Be Connected By Soldering A Wire In Order To Have All Fast RAM Of The CD8 Available
68000 Fallback Mode, Can Be Set By Jumper


Amiga Turbo CD

Front: Turbo CD front view

Amiga Turbo CD

Front: Turbo CD backview

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