Amiga Processor Peripherals

Turbo Amiga CPU (A1000)

> Company: Computer System Associates, USA
Date: 1986
Amiga: A1000
Interface: Turbo Amiga Cube

processor card – Turbo Amiga CPU (CSA 00920)
68020 and 68881 @ 14.3 MHz, PGA, synchronous
both chips are overclocked 12 MHz units
when addressing the Amiga custom chips or the motherboard memory, the 68020 throttles back to 7 MHz
68000 fallback mode selectable by jumper

optional static memory card – Turbo Amiga Memory (CSA 00919)
without this RAM card, the 68020 performs 15% slower than the original 7 MHz 68000, because of the additional time it takes to generate 24 bit addresses for the motherboard memory
the card fits into a free Zorro I slot, but instead of transmitting data via the Zorro bus, it attaches
directly to the CPU card via four ribbon cables, and create a 32 bit memory bus
with the memory card installed, performance is increased to 2.8 times of a standard A1000
sixteen 32 pin DIP sockets for up to 512 kB static RAM
takes 32k×8, 100 ns SRAM chips in groups of four
does not autoconfig its memory
multiple Turbo Amiga Memory cards can be installed

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