Amiga Video Peripherals

TBC Plus

> Company: Great Valley Products, USA
> Date: 1994
> Amiga: A2000, A3000, A4000
> Interface: Zorro II
> Autoconfig ID: ID2017 / 32

Time Base Corrector
Infinite Window Time Base Corrector Using 8 Bit 4:2:2 CCIR-601 Professional Quality All Digital Video Signal Processing
Realtime 24 Bit Video Framegrabber / Framebuffer For Use As A Digital Video Stillstore Or Signal Generator
Full Transcoding Between Composite And Y/C (SVHS) Input And Composite And Y/C (SVHS) Output
Full Processing Amplifier (ProcAmp) Control For Correcting Or Adjusting Incoming Video On The Fly Quickly And Professionally (Hue, Brightness, Contrast, Saturation)
Realtime Programmable Video Special Effects Generator Featuring Solarization, Strobing, Pseudo Colour, Monochrome Effects, And More
NTSC / PAL / SECAM Signal Standards Conversion To NTSC / PAL For Integration Into Worldwide Video Environments Automatically
ImageFX: Direct Editing And Manipulation In The Framebuffer
Optional Full SMPTE / EBU Timecode Receiver / Generator (Encoding / Decoding / Striping) – VITC (Vertical Interval Time Code) And LTC (Longitudinal Time Code) Can Be Read And Written
Optional Digital Comb Filter (Cleans Up Composite For Y/C Output And Fixes Cross Colour By Splitting The Composite Signal Into Separate Chroma And Luma Signals As If It Were A True Y/C Input) Provides True Wide Band 5.5 MHz Composite Video Performance
Inputs And Outputs Reside On An Adaptor Cable
Inputs: Y/C, Two Composite Video, External Key Signal, Sync Reference Signal, Longitudinal Time Code (LTC)
Outputs: Y/C, Composite Video, Longitudinal Time Code (LTC)
The Composite And Y/C Inputs Can Be Connected Simultaneously And Hot Switched With Software Without Having To Play With Cable Connections
Convert The Two Composite Inputs Into A Single Y/C Input, Providing Two Switchable Y/C Inputs
Up To Five TBCPlus Cards Can Be Installed In A Single Amiga And Independently Controlled
Will Not Overload The Power Supply When The Maximum Of Five TBCPlus Units Are Installed
Works In 30 Hz, 29.97 Hz, 25 Hz, 24 Hz Drop Frame And Color Frame Modes, Can Put A SMPTE Burn-In Window Anywhere Over The Video

Two 30 Pin SIMM Sockets For Frame Buffer Memory – 1 MB Installed As Standard, Expandable To 2 MB For Improving Special Effects
Two 64 Pin SIMM Sockets For 4 Or 8 MB Standard Zorro II Fast RAM – Accepts Only 4 MB GVP SIMMs
The Fast RAM Expansion Has Nothing To Do With The Performance Of The TBC Plus, It Doesn’T Increase The Frame Buffer Capacity – It Is Meant For A3000 And A4000 Machines Which May Have Problems With Zorro II DMA To Chip RAM


Amiga TBC Plus

Front: TBC Plus front view

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