Amiga Miscellaneous Peripherals


> Company: Paravision / Microbotics, USA
> Date: 1994
> Amiga: CD32
> Interface: trapdoor slot
> Autoconfig ID: ID1010 / 1291010 / 193

turns the CD32 into an A1200
external box (15 x 20 x 6 cm), plugs into the rear expansion connector
passthrough connector, the FMV module still fits inside the CD32
one 72 pin SIMM socket
accepts up to 4 MB RAM with the FMV module installed or 8 MB without it
supports 1, 2, 4 or 8 MB SIMMs, 80 ns or faster
when 8 MB is installed, it appears as two blocks of 4 MB
memory disable jumper
serial DB9 male, RS232
parallel DB25 female, Centronics
video DB23 male, analog RGB
external floppy DB23 female
internal 44 pin IDE header
external DB37 IDE connector
6 pin mini-DIN audio input for mixing external audio and CD32 sound
5 pin DIN connector for an IBM-AT keyboard
the serial, parallel and floppy ports are controlled by two onboard CIA chips
place for a 2.5″ hard disk inside the case
boot delay jumper – adds a 10 second delay before booting for slow hard drives
supports up to three floppy drives
disables the Aux port’s serial connection feature – it can be used to attach Amiga keyboards only
battery backed up clock
disable switch – leaves alive the RGB port, the memory and the clock


Amiga SX-1

Front: SX-1 front view

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