Amiga Miscellaneous Peripherals

Super-Card Ami II

> Company: Utilities Unlimited, USA
> Date: ntechnik, Germany
> Amiga: any Amiga
> Interface: parallel port
> Autoconfig ID: ID43437 / 17

copies copy-protected disks
disable switch
automatic detection of copy protection type
copy software doesn’t support multitasking
it is possible to copy only one side of a disk
software can display the drive speed
2 internal floppy drives are needed, the expansion fits between them
two clip leads have to be connected to pin 16 and 20 of one 8520 CIA chip (U301 on A2000)
destination drive is always DF1:
installs between disk drive port and external drive
no case opening necessary
expansion has to be disabled in case more than one external disk drive is attached
destination drive is always DF2: on Big Box Amigas, else DF1:


Amiga Super-Card Ami II

Front: Super-Card Ami II front view

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