Amiga Processor Peripherals

Hardital Super Big Bang

Company: Hardital, Italy
Date: 1992
Amiga: 500, 2000
Interface: CPU Slot
Autoconfig ID: na

68030 @ 50 MHz, PGA
optional PGA FPU, up to 68882 @ 50 MHz

sixteen ZIP sockets accept up to 8 MB RAM
accepts 1M×4 ZIPs in groups of four
supports 2, 4 or 8 MB configurations
the memory is mapped into the 16 bit address space – all Fast RAM expansions are ruled out
DMA devices cannot use this memory – all DMA capable hard disk controllers are ruled out

SCSI controller
5380 controller IC
does not support the RDB standard
autoboot ROM (syndisk.device)
50 pin internal header
DB25 external connector

the card is a combination of Hardital’s Big Bang and Synthesis boards
68000 fallback switch
in 68000 mode both the memory expansion and the SCSI controller remain available


Amiga Hardital Super Big Bang Front

Front: Hardital Super Big Bang front view

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