Amiga IO Peripherals

Silver Surfer

> Company: Individual Computers, Germany
> Date: 1999
> Amiga: A600, A1200
> Interface: clock port
> Autoconfig ID: ID4626 / 5

California Microdevices 16C550 UART chip
460800 bps transfer speed
connects to the clock port or to the Buddha Flash
clock port pin 40 is marked
compatible with the Melody 1200 audio board
optional adapter for A600 and old Buddha / Catweasel Zorro boards
FIFO buffer
MIDI compatible
25 pin external connector
flat design, even fits under the BlizzardVisionPPC
compatible with the four clock ports of Power Computing’s Z4 board
mechanical conflict with Mikronik and RBM Zorro-expansions


Amiga Silver Surfer

Front: Silver Surfer front view

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