Amiga Processor Peripherals

Rocket Launcher

Company: Computer System Associates, US
Date: 1992
Amiga: 500, 2000
Interface: A2630
Autoconfig ID: na

68030 @ 50 MHz, PGA
68882 @ 50 MHz, PGA

add-on processor board for the Commodore A2630
plugs into the CPU socket of the A2630
on older (Rev. 6) A2630s the Rocket Launcher fits only in 90° position and thus towers the A2630 about 3.5 cm
works together with the Access 32 and DKB 2632 memory expansionsh


Amiga Rocket Launcher Front

Front: Commodore A2630 front view, rev 9

Amiga Rocket Launcher Back

Front: Commodore A2630 back view

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