Amiga Miscellaneous Peripherals

ProModule (Shuttle)

> Company: Elsat, Poland
> Date: 1995
> Amiga: CD32
> Interface: trapdoor slot
> Autoconfig ID: ID17740 / 1,3

Turns The CD32 Into An A1200
External Box Placed Under The CD32, Connects To The Rear Expansion Connector
Passthrough Connector, The FMV Module Still Fits Inside The CD32

One 72 Pin SIMM Socket
Accepts Up To 4 MB RAM With The FMV Module Installed Or 8 MB Without It
Supports 2, 4 Or 8 MB SIMMs
Memory Disable Switch

Serial DB25 Male, RS232
Parallel DB25 Female, Centronics
Video DB23 Male, Analog RGB
Floppy DB23 Female
Internal 34 Pin Floppy Header
Internal 40 Pin IDE Header
5 Pin DIN Connector For An IBM-AT Keyboard
Power Connector For Optional External A500/A1200/A600 Power Supply

Optional FPU
Place For A 3.5″ Hard Disk Inside The Case
880 KB Floppy Drive
Supports Up To Three External Floppy Drives
Disables The Aux Port So Only IBM-AT Keyboards Can Be Used
Battery Backed Up Clock


Amiga ProModule (Shuttle)

Front: ProModule (Shuttle) front view

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