Amiga Processor Peripherals

Processor Accelerator (PA-1000)

> Company: Creative Microsystems, USA
Date: 1988
Amiga: A1000
Interface: 68000 socket
Autoconfig ID: ID2192 / 51

68000 @ 14.3 MHz, Synchronous To The Motherboard
Software And Jumper Switchable 7 Or 14 MHz Mode
Optional PGA FPU Up To 16 MHz With Separate Oscillator

Later Revisions Of The Board Have A Kickstart Socket, Eliminating The Need For The Kickstart Disk And Freeing 256 KB Of Memory – Installing A Kickstart ROM However Requires Some Modifications On The A1000 Motherboard, Including The Replacement Of A PAL Chip
In 14 MHz Mode The Kickstart ROM Can Be Also Driven At 14 MHz
Optional Battery Backed Up Clock
Connects To The 68000’S Socket
Works In The A2000, But The Battery On The Motherboard Has To Be Relocated
Can Be Installed Together With The DKB Insider

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