Amiga Audio Peripherals


> Company: Albrecht Computer Technik, Germany
> Date: 1997
> Amiga: A2000, A3000, A4000
> Interface: Zorro II
> Autoconfig ID: ID16945 / 1

Crystal Semiconductor Sound Codec 4231A
5510-64000 Hz Frequency Range
ALaw, ULaw, ADPCM Compression / Decompression
MPC Level 2 Compatible Mixer
Dual DMA Registers Support Full Duplex Operation
Two Onchip FIFO Buffers For Higher Performance
Selectable Serial Audio Data Port
Two Channel Simultaneous Playback (Simple Stereo Signal)
Unlike A DSP, This Chip Is Designed Solely For Handling Audio, It Cannot For Example, Off-Load Your CPU When Playing Back An 8+ Channel ScreamTracker File

Can Be Routed To The ADC And To The Onboard Mixer
Normally Used For Recording Line Level Signals
Can Only Be Routed To The ADC, Not To The Mixer
Used For Recording Only – Signal May Be Line Or Mic Level
Can Be Routed To The ADC And The Onboard Mixer
Used For Recording Or Mixing The Audio Output Of A CD-ROM Drive Or The MPEGit MPEG Audio Decoder Expansion Module
Can Only Be Routed To The Mixer – Cannot Be Used For Recording
Recommended For Mixing With The Amiga Output
After A Reset When The Card Is Not Initialized By The Mixer Program, LINE Out Is Muted And The Source Connected To AUX2 Can Only Be Sent To The Mono Output
Goes To Stereo System

15 Pin D-SUB Connector For The Customizable Adaptor – When Ordering, The Type Of Connector Can Be Chosen For Each Input (E.G. RCA, 1/4″ Phone Plug , 1/8″ Phone Plug
Mixing Means That The Signal Of That Input Can Be Mixed To The Output Along With Other Inputs, And The Sound Generated By The Codec Itself
Recording Means Direct Recording To RAM Or Hard Disk From That Input And Also Using It For Digital Realtime Effects
40 Pin (Male) Expansion Bus Connector For Expansion Modules
Rombler – Wavetable / MIDI Interface
MPEG-It! – MPEG Audio Decoder Supporting Layer II &Amp; III Streams
Arpeggiator – Digital Input / Output (S/P-DIF) For DAT, CD, MiniDisc, Etc.
Full Duplex 16 Bit Audio Sampling, Mixing And Playback
Sampling And Playback Rates Up To 64 KHz Even On 68000
EMI Filtering And Double Surge Protection

Realtime F/X; U-Law, A-Law, ADPCM Encoder / Decoder; Surround Decoder; Mixer (Adjusts The Level Of Each Input); Tapedeck (Recording One Of Three Inputs At A Time); Dub! Full Duplex Recorder (Record And Playback A File At The Same Time); AHI
Optional Samplitude 3.0 Or AudioLab16
AHI Driver


Amiga Prelude

Front: Prelude front view

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