Amiga Emulator Peripherals

Power PC Board Plus Emulation

> Company: Kolff Computer Supplies, Netherlands
Date: 1991
Amiga: 500, 600, 2000, 3000, 4000
Interface: trapdoor slot, Zorro 2
Autoconfig ID: 767/0

IBM XT emulation
A500, A500+: connects to the trapdoor connector
A600: installed in a plastic case under the A600, which is connected to the trapdoor slot with a short ribbon cable
Zorro II: the A500 version is connected to a Zorro II adapter card
NEC V30 @ 10 MHz processor

704 kB free RAM in MGA/CGA mode
640 kB free RAM in EGA/VGA mode
200 kB extra memory for a reset proof MS-DOS RAM disk
in PC mode the board can use up to 8 MB of Amiga Fast RAM as PC memory
in Amiga mode the 1 MB RAM acts as Amiga RAM:
A500: 512 kB Chip RAM or 512 kB Fast RAM + 512 kB RAM disk
A500+, A600: 1 MB Chip RAM
A2000, A3000: 1 MB Fast RAM
if an Amiga has 8 MB Fast RAM installed, the Power PC Board supplies 512 Kb of Extra RAM only
does not multitask with the Amiga
uses the Amiga internal serial port, up to 38400 bit/s on a standard A500
uses the printer connected to the parallel port
uses the Amiga mouse and joystick
can use four Amiga floppy disk drives as PC disk drives, supports both 3.5 and 5.25″ drives
most Amiga hard disk controllers are supported

CGA: 640×200 in 2 colours or 320×200 in 4 colours from a palette of 16
EGA: 640×350 in 16 colours from a palette of 64
VGA: 640×480 in 16 colours from a palette of 4096
software emulated flicker-fixer in any PC interlace mode
Adlib and SoundBlaster sound card emulation
battery backed up clock for A500 and A600

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