Amiga Emulation Peripherals

Power PC Board

> Company: Kolff Computer Supplies, Netherlands
> Date: 1990
> Amiga: A500A2000
> Interface: trapdoor slotZorro II
> Autoconfig ID: ID767 / 0

IBM XT Emulation
A500: Connects To The Trapdoor Connector
Zorro II: The Same A500 Version Is Connected To A Zorro II Adapter Card
Power PC Board V1:
NEC V30 @ 8 MHz Processor
Does Not Support Hard Drives, Only Floppy Drives
Power PC Board V2:
NEC V30 @ 10 MHz Processor
Supports HD Controllers But A Special Driver Is Necessary
Software Revision 2.90 Supports The Following HD Controllers: A.L.F. (OMTI), A590 (OMTI, SCSI), Golem HD3000 (OMTI), Profex HD3000 (OMTI), Winner I (OMTI), F.S.E. (OMTI), Rex Datentechnik (OMTI), SupraDrive 500XP (SCSI), GVP A500+ (SCSI)
Much Faster Video Emulation (CGA)
704 KB Free RAM In MGA/CGA Mode
640 KB Free RAM In EGA/VGA Mode
200 KB Extra Memory For A Reset Proof MS-DOS RAM Disk
The RAM Can Be Used By The Amiga As 512 KB Fast RAM And An Additional 512 KB RAM Disk
The Board Can Use The Amiga’S Fast RAM (Up To 8 MB) As PC Memory
Does Not Multitask With The Amiga
Uses The Amiga Internal Serial Port With Up To 19200 Bit/S
Uses The Amiga Floppy Controller And Parallel Port
Up To 640×480 In 16 Colours
MGA 720×348
CGA 640/320×200
Software Emulated Flicker-Fixer In Any PC Interlace Mode
Battery Backed Up Clock
Emulated PC Sound Card
Not Compatible With NTSC Amigas


Amiga Power PC Board

Front: Power PC Board front view

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