Amiga Processor Peripherals

Phönix-Turbo IV

> Company: Georg Braun, Germany
Date: 2005
Amiga: A1000
Interface: Phoenix
Autoconfig ID: ID5012 / 13

> Accelerator For The Phoenix A1000 Motherboard

68030 / 68EC030 @ 25 – 50 MHz, PGA
68882 @ 25 – 50 MHz, PGA

8 MB 32 Bit SRAM
RAM Access In 2 Clock Cycles But No Support For Burst Mode
Memory Can Be Autoconfigured In The 24 Bit Address Space Or Mounted In The 32 Bit Address Space Using AddMem
512 KB Flash Memory

A Do It Yourself Project – Everything Needed To Build The Board (Layout And PLD / GAL Files) Is Available On The Author’S Website
Connects Into The 96 Pin DIN Connector On The Phoenix Motherboard
No 68000 Fallback Mode

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