Amiga Video Peripherals

Personal TBC IV & TBC IV Plus

> Company: Digital Processing Systems, Canada
> Date: 1994
> Amiga: A2000, A3000, A4000
> Interface: ISA
> Autoconfig ID:

Time Base Corrector
Component Digital 4:2:2 Processing
Infinite Window (3 Fields) Correction
Composite, Wideband S-VHS, Reference Video And GPI Freeze Trigger Inputs
Composite, Wideband S-VHS And Advanced Sync Outputs
Full Proc Amp And Colour Balance, Horizontal And Vertical Y/C Delay, Freeze Field, Freeze Frame, Variable Strobe, Film-Mode Strobe, GPI Freeze, Memory Store / Recall, Genlock Timing
When Combined With The Personal Animation Recorder:
The TBC IV Functions As A Live Video Capture Board For The DR-2150 Card
Connects To The PAR With A 50 Pin Ribbon Cable Via The Component Video Exchange (CVE) Bus
With This Combination Live Video Can Be Recorded On The Animator’S Hard Drive
2.5 MHz (VT-2600) Or 5.5 MHz (VT-2600WB) Composite Bandwidth, 5.5 MHz S-VHS Bandwidth
58 DB S/N Ratio
Optional DC-2600 Wideband Comb Filter Decoder Daughtercard:
3-Line Adaptive Comb Filter Decoder Boosts The Composite Bandwidth From 2.5 MHz To 5.5 MHz, Making It Suitable For Use With U-Matic-SP VCRs
Included With The TBC 4 Plus
Controlled Via The Serial Port

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