Amiga Video Peripherals

Personal TBC III

> Company: Digital Processing Systems, Canada
> Date: 1993
> Amiga: A2000, A3000, A4000
> Interface: ISA
> Autoconfig ID:

Time Base Corrector
Infinite Window (3 Fields) Correction
Composite And S-VHS Inputs
Reference Video Input, Advanced Sync Output
Can Be Used To Interface Virtually Any VCR, Laser Disc Player Or Camcorder To Production Switcher Or Computer Video Systems Including The Video Toaster
Special Effects: Rock Solid Freeze (Both Field And Frame), Variable Strobe, Forced Monochrome
All Video Proc Amp Functions, System Timing, Scene Memories And Even Color Balance Can Be Adjusted By Software
2.5 MHz Composite Bandwidth, 5.5 MHz S-VHS Bandwidth
58 DB S/N Ratio
Controlled Via The Serial Port


Amiga Personal TBC III

Front: Personal TBC III front view

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