Amiga Video Peripherals

Personal TBC II

> Company: Digital Processing Systems, Canada
> Date: 1992
> Amiga: A2000, A3000, A4000
> Interface: ISA
> Autoconfig ID:

Time Base Corrector
VT-2000 NTSC, VT-3000 PAL
Infinite Window Correction
Full Frame Time Base Corrector / Synchronizer
Composite And S-VHS Inputs And Outputs
Reference Video Input, Advanced Sync Output
Genlock Capability And Infinite Window Timing
Ideal For A/B Roll Editing
Software Control Of Proc Amp, Timing And Colour Balance
3.5 MHz (PAL) Or 5.5 MHz (NTSC) Bandwidth
58 DB S/N Ratio
Controlled Via The Serial Port


Amiga Personal TBC II

Front: Personal TBC II front view

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