Amiga Bus Peripherals

PCI Shuttle

> Company: Eagle Computer Products, Germany
> Date: 1997
> Amiga: A4000
> Interface: card, back side
> Autoconfig ID:

Zorro III And PCI Busboard
7x Zorro II/III Slots – Only 4 Is DMA Capable
2x Extended Video Slots
3x PCI Slots (Cannot Be Accessed By The Amiga In Any Way)
2x ISA Slots
1x PCI/ISA Single Board Computer (SBC) Slot

PC Cards
The SBC Slot Can Take Any Industrial All-In-One PC Card, For Example:
Siliconrax SBC Cards
Pentitrator (Offered By The US Distributor, AntiGravity)
Speedfire (Offered By Eagle)
Activates The PCI And ISA Slots
An SBC Card Is Not A BridgeBoard, It Cannot Use Amiga Resources, It Requires Its Own Memory, Graphics Card, Drives, Etc.
Eagle And AntiGravity Offered HiQ’S Siamese System To Integrate The Amiga And PC Parts

The Video And ISA Slots Are All Inline With A Zorro Slot
Replaces The Original A4000 Daughterboard
The Board Requires The Eagle 4000 Tower System, It Cannot Be Fitted Into The Original A4000 Case


Amiga PCI Shuttle

Front: PCI Shuttle front view

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