Amiga Processor Peripherals

Hardital Over The Top

Company: Hardital, Italy
Date: 1992
Amiga: 500, 2000
Interface: CPU Slot
Autoconfig ID: na

68040 @ 25 / 30 MHz

eight 30 pin SIMM sockets accept up to 32 MB RAM
supports 1 or 4 MB SIMMs, 80 ns or faster
accepts SIMMs in groups of four giving 4, 8, 16, 20, 32 MB RAM
the memory does not autoconfig, it has to be added by software during startup

if a Kickstart image is present in DEVS: the card boots the image instead of the installed ROM (Softkick)
Kickstart image in DEVS: must be named »kickstart«
the Kickstart image can be copied to the onboard EPROMs (2× 128 kB) for faster operation (Fastkick)
when using Softkick, 040 copyback is disabled and expansion.library is located in Chip RAM, lowering performance – only certain board revisions are affected
the installation software overwrites any existing 68040.library with its own v36.2
disable switch on slot cover


Amiga Hardital Over The Top Front

Front: Hardital Over The Top front view

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