Amiga Bus Peripherals

Amiga ONBoard 1200

 Company: RBM Digitaltechnik, Germany
Date: 1996
 Amiga: A1200
Interface: trapdoor slot
Autoconfig ID: ID3855 / 1


Zorro Busboard Interface
Acts As An Adaptor Between The A1200 Motherboard And RBM Zorro Busboards
ONBoard 4000:
Connects To The ONBoard 1200 With Two Ribbon Cables
7x Zorro II Slots
5x ISA Slots
2x Extended Video Slots
The Video Slots Can Be Optionally Activated By The VidiON Module
Eyetech Single Zorro Slot:
Connects Directly Onto The ONBoard 1200
1x Zorro II Slot
Battery Backed Up Clock
Connects To The Trapdoor Slot – The Connector Is Passed Through For Accelerator Cards
The Board Is Part Of The RBM Towerhawk 1200 Tower System


Amiga ONBoard 1200

Front: ONBoard 1200 front view


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