Amiga Storage Peripherals

BSC Oktagon 2000 and 2008

> Company: BSC / Alfa Data, Germany
Date: 1991/1993
Amiga: 2000, 3000, 4000
Interface: Zorro 2
Autoconfig ID: 2049/5,8, 2092/5,8

SCSI 2 controller
NCR 53C94 @ 25 MHz
does not use DMA but interrupt driven programmed I/O
50 pin internal SCSI connector
DB25 external SCSI connector for both snap-in and screw-in connectors
Slow Cable Mode for external devices with long cables
place for a 3.5″ hard disk on the card
autoboot ROM (oktagon.device) – autobooting requires at least Kickstart 1.3
ROM versions less than 6.5 may have problems with removable media devices
the ROM uses a MOVEP operation – which is an illegal instruction on the 68060 – making troubles during bootup on 68060 systems
RDB compatible
hard disk activity LED connector
hard disk controller disable jumper
A-Max II driver
supported by Linux

Oktagon 2000
no memory expansion
also called as A.L.F. 3

Oktagon 2008
sixteen ZIP sockets accept 8 MB 16 bit RAM
supports either static column or page mode 1M×4 ZIPs
accepts ZIPs in groups of four giving 2, 4, 6, 8 MB configurations
memory disable jumper


Amiga BSC Oktagon 2008

Front: Amiga BSC Oktagon 2008

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