Amiga Processor Peripherals

M-Tec 68020

Company: M-Tec / Neuroth Hardware Design, Germany
Date: 1992
Amiga: 500, 2000
Interface: 68000 socket
Autoconfig ID: 2073/4

68020 @ 16 MHz PGA, clocked at 14.3 MHz (synchronous)
optional PLCC FPU, either clocked at 14.3 MHz or more by installing an oscillator

the board exists in two different layouts, one with either 1 or 4 MB RAM, the other without RAM at all
the RAM autoconfigures itself to the same Address space as the RAM on the A590, A2091 or GVP Series II

plugs into 68000 socket, the 68000 is replaced onto the board
68000 fallback jumper
cache disable jumper
compatible with both the A2000-A and A2000-B


Amiga M-Tec 68020 Front

Front: M-Tec 68020 front view

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