Amiga Bus Peripherals

Mini-Rack C & Mini-Rack D

> Company: ASDG, USA
> Date: 1987
> Amiga: A1000
> Interface: side expansion port
> Autoconfig ID: ID8512 / 101

Zorro I Expansion Chassis
Two Zorro I Slots
Connects To The A1000 Side Expansion Port
85 Watt Internal Power Supply

Mini-Rack C
Does Not Implement All Zorro Signals, Most Importantly It Lacks +12V And -5V
Unbuffered Slots
Works Well With RAM Cards (Such As ASDG’S Own 2M And 8M), But Not With HD Controllers
One Exception For HD Controllers Is The Expansion Technologies Escort ST-506 Controller Card, Which Does Not Need The Missing Signals

Mini-Rack D
Implements All Zorro Signals
Buffered Slots

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