Amiga Processor Peripherals

Mercury 68040

> Company: Progressive Peripherals and Software, US
Date: 1991
Amiga: 3000
Interface: CPU slot
Autoconfig ID: 2026/0

68040 @ 28 / 35 MHz
Both version is an overclocked 25 / 33 MHz one

eight 30 pin SIMM sockets accept 32 MB
supports 1 or 4 MB SIMMs 40-80ns (33 MHz model) or 60-100 ns (28 MHz model)
accepts SIMMs in groups of four giving 4, 8, 16, 20, 32 MB RAM
Fast Page, Static Column and Nibble mode SIMMs are supported
burst RAM access
off-board memory burst access if most recent Buster, DMAC and Ramsey chips are installed

if the motherboard is fitted with static column fast RAM the first chip must be replaced with the supplied page mode ZIP DRAM chip – this solves a bug in Ramsey and allows the board to do burst RAM access
68030 fallback mode works only with 25 MHz motherboards
in 68030 fallback mode the onboard RAM is still useable but it’s not contiguous with the motherboard RAM
when used in an A3000T, a 74F08 chip must be inserted at location U103 on the motherboard
FastROM jumper reserves 1 megabyte of memory for FastROM usage
two floppy power connectors allow distribution of power to both floppy drives


Amiga Mercury 68040 Front

Front: Mercury 68040 front view

Amiga Mercury 68040 Back

Front: Mercury 68040 back view

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