Amiga Emulation Peripherals

MegaLink Interface

> Company: Sang Computersysteme, Germany
> Date: 1988,1989
> Amiga: A2000
> Interface: Zorro II, ISA
> Autoconfig ID: ID767 / 0

connects to a Zorro II slot
the transputer cards connect to XT slots
the interface card connects to the transputers externally
any number of transputer cards can be attached together
Helios operating system
four Inmos T414 or T800 processors
each processor has its own memory – 1 or 4 MB RAM in four 30 pin SIMM sockets

one Inmos T424 or T800 @ 20 / 25 / 30 MHz processor
1, 2, 4 or 8 MB RAM with 16 ZIP chips
Inmos G300 programmable RAMDAC
110 MHz video clock
1 or 2 MB dual ported VRAM
resolutions from 512×512 to 8192×8192 (the latter with multiple boards)
video data may not only be written by the local transputer but by other ones too – parallel image processing
port for connecting a framegrabber or a U-Matic Video Machine
distributed overseas by Digital Animation Productions as Video Graphics Transputer
one Inmos T425 or T800 processor
up to 32 MB RAM
DMA interface
compatible and cascadable with all MegaLink boards and other Inmos B004/B008 compatible systems

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