Amiga IO Peripherals


> Company: RBM Digitaltechnik, Germany
> Date: 1998
> Amiga: A2000, A3000, A4000
> Interface: Zorro II
> Autoconfig ID: ID4711 / 1

ST16C654 interface chip
four serial ports with up to 460800 bps transfer speed (9 pin)
one 500 kB/s buffered EPP/ECP uni/bidirectional parallel port (25 pin)
64 byte FIFO buffer for the serial ports
16 byte FIFO buffer for the parallel port(s)
can be upgraded up to 8 kB FIFO memory which can be related to each module
modular interface
optional second parallel port (ST78C36 chip + cable)
optional Ethernet module
planned modules: AHI sound card, IDE ports, two-way infrared controller (IrDA)
driver for parallel ZIP drives and scanners (ioblixepp.device)
up to five IOBlix cards are supported in one Amiga
the IOBlix end plate is blank, reserved for connectors of the planned optional modules
all the serial and parallel ports are on separate plates
10Base2 and 10BaseT connectors (some revisions lack the 10Base2 connector)
automatic detection of the used connector
full duplex
SANA 2 driver
requires IOBlix firmware 2.0


Amiga IOBlix

Front: IOBlix front view

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