Amiga Video Peripherals

Impact Vision 24

> Company: Great Valley Products, USA
> Date: 1991
> Amiga: A2000, A3000, A4000
> Interface: Unit / Component Transcoder, top side
> Autoconfig ID: ID2017 / 32

provides 12 or 24 bits of colour information to an Amiga screen
1.5 MB as two banks of 12 bit RAM
double buffered 12 bit (4096 colours) animations or a single buffered 24 bit (16.7 million colours) image
768×625 (PAL) or 768×525 (NTSC) maximum resolution
realtime digitizing at up to 25 fps
freeze, grab and store 12 or 24 bit full screen live RGB video in real time frame grabbing
composite and Y/C video requires an RGB splitter or the optional Video Interface Unit
flicker fixer:
duplicates and enhances the A3000’s display enhancer circuitry
even de-interlaces external live video
the HD15 VGA output is software switchable between 15 and 31 kHz
works only in 12 bit mode
picture in picture:
freeze, resize, move or scale live incoming RGB video in a window
reverse-PIP – place a fully functional movable and scalable Workbench window on full screen live video
works in 12 bit mode only
separate composite and component (RGB + sync) genlocks
three genlock modes – controlled by a switch on the back of the board:
Amiga graphics only
keyed source – allows external video to show through the background
full external – direct feed of the RGB signal so it can be seen what the camera is pointing at or the live video to show through every colour but the background
separated RGB, composite and Y/C inputs
composite and Y/C outputs
optional Video Interface Unit:
connects to the 26 pin I/O connector of the IV24
built-in RGB splitter converts the composite and Y/C inputs into RGB
separate RGB, 2x composite, Y/C, external reference, key and remote control inputs
composite, Y/C and key outputs
software selectable sync source (external reference, composite 1 or 2, Y/C)
optional Video Interface Unit / Component Transcoder:
all features of the Video Interface Unit
connects to the 26 pin I/O and the HD15 VGA connector of the IV24
additional component input and output (Y, B-Y, R-Y), RGB output
connects to the inline Zorro and video slots of the A3000
can be installed in the A2000 with an optional video slot adaptor card
does not require a time base corrector unless broadcast quality is required
software: Scala, Caligari 24, MacroPaint, IV24 utilities
VHI driver


Amiga Impact Vision 24

Front: Impact Vision 24 front view

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