Amiga IO Peripherals


> Company: E3B, Germany
> Date: 2002
> Amiga: A2000, A3000, A4000
> Interface: Zorro II
> Autoconfig ID: ID2145 / 200

USB Interface
Four USB Connectors
Compatible With USB 1.1 And 2.0 Specifications (But Supports Only USB 1.1 Transfer Speeds)
All Ports Are Protected Against Overvoltage And Short Circuit
Integrated Power Management On Port By Port Base
38 Pin Expansion Header For The Ethernet Module Or For Serial/Parallel Port Expansions (HyperCom 3i)
High Speed Clock Port

Optional FlashROM Module – ROMulus
512 KB Flash ROM (256kx16)
Reprogrammable Up To 10.000 Times – Easy Reprogramming By Included Software
Software Modules Are Automatically Inserted By Bootloader
Can Be Deactivated At Boot Time
Connects To The 38 Pin Expansion Connector
Passthrough Connector For The Norway Ethernet Module

Optional 10 Mbit Ethernet Module – Norway
Connects To The 38 Pin Expansion Connector
NE2000 Compatible Chip With Integrated 16 KB Buffer
RJ45 (10BaseT) Internal Connector
DB9 External Connector – A DB9 To RJ45 Adaptor Is Supplied
Network Status Display By Four LEDs
SANA II Driver

Requires At Least 68030 @ 25 MHz
Has Problems With RBM Onboard Zorro Busboards


Amiga Highway

Front: Highway front view

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