Amiga Processor Peripherals

GVP G-Force 040

Company: Great Valley Products, US
Date: 1992
Amiga: 2000
Interface: CPU Slot
Autoconfig ID: 2017/11,255

68040 @ 33 MHz

four 64 pin SIMM sockets accept 64 MB RAM
supports only special 4 or 16 MB GVP SIMMs
SIMM sizes cannot be mixed
040 burst mode requires all four sockets to be filled up
Kickstart remapping

SCSI 2 DMA controller
not Fast SCSI 2 – the same electronic as the GVP Series II controllers
no termination power is fed to the external SCSI connector – active termination must be used
50 pin internal SCSI header
DB25 external connector
RDB compatible
supported by Linux and NetBSD

RS232 compatible 9 pin buffered serial port
614140 bps max transfer speed
Centronics parallel port
selectable IBM / Amiga compatible mode

32 bit expansion bus for the EGS 110/24 graphics board

Jumper Settings
J4 – SCSI drive: OFF – connected
J5 – autoboot ROM: OFF – disable
J7 – MMU: ON – disable
J20 – SIMM size: ON – 4 MB, OFF – 16 MB
J22 – burst mode: OFF – enable
J26 – DTACK pull-up for old A2000s: ON – enable
CN9 – parallel port mode: 1-2 – Amiga, 2-3 – IBM


Amiga GVP G-Force 040 Front

Front: GVP G-Force 040 front view


Amiga GVP G-Force 040 Back

Front: GVP G-Force 040 back view

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