Amiga Video Peripherals


> Company: Electronic Design, Germany
> Date: 1992
> Amiga: A3000, A4000
> Interface: Zorro II, video slot
> Autoconfig ID: ID10676 / 1

Realtime Digitizer/Framegrabber
SVHS (Y/C) And FBAS (CVBS) Inputs
Standard 23 Pin Male Connector (Compatible With The Usual Amiga Video Connector) Which Is Without The Prism24 Add-On Useless
I2C-Bus Connector
Supports Both PAL And NTSC Video Standards
Supported Resolutions: 720×570, 360×285, 240×192, 180×144, 120×96
Overscan Is Controllable By Software
1 MB 30 Ns Video Field RAM
Digitizer Uses 4:1:1 Video Sampling, Prism24 Uses 4:2:2
Digitized Video Can Be Read From The Onboard Video RAM As Raw-Data In Double Buffering Mode
The Xilinx Chip Performs Realtime Scaling Of The Video Data And Provides An Interface For The Prism24 Board
Revision 2 Boards Support AGA, The Older Ones Not
Optional Denise Adaptor For Amiga 2000
VHI Driver
The Prism 24 Activates The 23 Pin Video Connector
It Can Pass-Through The Digitized Video Or Perform Red, Green, Blue, Colour, Brightness And Contrast Adjustments To The Output
Adds Genlock Capability To The FrameMachine, Taking The Amiga’S Video Signal From The Video Slot
The Genlock Features Are:
FrameMachine Mode
Amiga Mode
Amiga Over FrameMachine Key Mode
FrameMachine Over Amiga Mode
“B0-Keying” Mode (Color B0 Is Transparent)
With FrameMachine’S Realtime Video Features, It Can Do PIP (Picture In Picture) Of Real Video And Computer Video On One Screen
Combined With A Standard External Amiga Genlock, There Is Also The Possibility To Do PIP Of Two Real Video Sources Together With An Amiga Overlay
AGA Compatible Prism 24s Have Jumpers Which Allow The Selection Of The Machine Type

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