Amiga Bus Peripherals

Expansion Chassis

> Company: Phoenix Electronics, USA
> Date: 1989
> Amiga: A1000, A500
> Interface: side expansion port
> Autoconfig ID: ID3855 / 1

two Zorro II slots
connects to the side expansion port, has passthrough connector
unbuffered design, supports only one DMA device
lack of buffering means that configuring information must pass from one card to the next:
a jumper allows use of the second slot if the first is unoccupied
another jumper lets using peripherals connected to the passthrough connector in case both slots are empty
optional internal power supply with power connector for a hard disk drive
does not supply -12V to the Zorro slots
no power switch
Expansion Technologies has sold it under the name ToolBox, but only Phoenix has manufacured it
the only difference is the logo on the chassis
PEC: Phoenix Expansion Chassis
EEC: Expansion Technologies ToolBox
boards reported to be working:
Commodore A2052
Commodore A2058
Commodore A2088XT
Commodore A2090
Commodore A2090A
IVS TrumpCard
MicroBotics 8-Up
Phoenix PEC-2000 / Expansion Technologies Flash!Card
Xetec FastCard
boards reported to be not working:
ASDG Dual Serial Board
C-Ltd Kronos
Checkpoint Serial Solution
Microbotics HardFrame
Supra 2400zi

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