Amiga IO Peripherals

Elbox Zorro 4

> Company: Elbox, Poland
Date: 1999
Amiga: 1200
Interface: trap door
Autoconfig ID: 2206/26

Zorro busboard
5× Zorro II slots
2× Zorro IV slots (custom designed 32 bit bus with autoconfig, but without DMA support)
1× extended video slot – can be activated with the optional Video Slot Enabler module
4× A1200 style clock ports
expandable with 4× PCI slots using the Mediator PCI Z-IV board
the board’s Zorro II implementation is considered the most compatible amongst the various Zorro II busboards
the first two Zorro II slots support double speed transfers – turning on this option requires specifically designed cards
connects to the trapdoor slot – the connector is passed through for accelerator cards
the board is part of Elbox E/BOX 1200 Tower or Power Computing’s Power Tower system


Elbox Zorro 4

Front: Elbox Zorro 4 front view

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