Amiga Memory Peripherals

eFlash 4000 & eFlash 4000/2MB

> Company: Elbox, Poland
> Date: 2003 & 2004
> Amiga: A3000, A4000
> Interface: Zorro III
> Autoconfig ID: ID2206 / 44

Flash ROM
1 Or 2 MB 32 Bit Flash ROM
Allows Storage Of Software Which Are Run At Startup Of The Amiga – Initialization Of PCI Cards, Booting From USB Mass Storage Devices, Etc.
Cannot Remap The Kickstart ROM
Reprogrammable Up To 100.000 Times – With A Command Line Utility
20 Year Data-Retention
Switch For Deactivating The Card At Boot Time
Program Selector Switch Allows Starting A Different Batch Of Programs From Flash Memory
Write Protection Against Unwanted Reprogramming

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