Amiga Processor Peripherals

DKB 1240 Mongoose

> Company: DKB, USA
Date: 1994
Amiga: A1200
Interface: trapdoor slot
Autoconfig ID: 2012 /18

68030 @ 28 / 40 / 50 MHz, PGA
optional PGA FPU up to 68882 @ 50 MHz

one 72 pin SIMM socket accepts 128 MB

Optional SCSI controller
Qlogic FAS246
external DB25 SCSI connector
up to 2.8 MB/s transfer speed
the DKB 1240’s firmware has to be updated

the 50 MHz version is called Mongoose
battery backed up clock
needs firmware update for Kickstart 3.1, otherwise it works only with memory removed


Amiga DKB 1240 Mongoose

Front: dkb 1240 mongoose back view

Amiga DKB 1240 Mongoose Back

Front: dkb 1240 mongoose back view

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