Amiga Video Peripherals

DigiView Gold

> Company: NewTek, USA
> Date: 1989
> Amiga: any Amiga
> Interface: parallel port
> Autoconfig ID: ID18260 / 18

digitizes colour images in three pass using a colour filter wheel
21 bit accuracy in colour, 7 bit in monochrome
composite input (RCA)
separate PAL and NTSC versions
connects to the parallel port
supports all Amiga resolutions for digitizing and display, from 320 x 200 to 768 x 480 (NTSC overscan)
uses the Amiga RAM as framebuffer – requires at least 1 MB memory for functioning
DigiView 3.0
displays 2-32, 64, 4096 colours in lores modes
displays 2-16 colours in highres
DigiView 4.0
displays 2 – 4096 colours in all screen modes
Dynamic HiRes allows 768 x 480 images in 4096 colours – achieved using separate 16 colour palettes for each line
supports 020+ processors


Amiga DigiView Gold

Front: DigiView Gold front view

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