Amiga Audio Peripherals

Delfina Lite

> Company: Petsoff, Finland
> Date: 1997
> Amiga: A2000, A3000, A4000
> Interface: Zorro II
> Autoconfig ID: ID14501 / 1

Motorola DSP56002 @ 40 MHz
24 Bit Data Bus – 24 DB Dynamic Range
Fully Programmable Using The Supplied Software

96 KB, 24 Bit SRAM, Not Expandable
One Half Of The Memory Can Be Addressed In Program And X Data Space, The Other Half Only In Y Data Space
Zero-Waitstate, 12 Ns

Crystal CS4231A Audio Codec
Sample Frequencies Up To 48 KHz At 16 Bit
Three Stereo Inputs (2 RCA, 1 Internal CD-ROM), One Stereo Output (RCA)
All Inputs Can Be Mixed With Delfina’S Output
Full Duplex Recording And Playback
AHI Driver

Optional Serial Interface Module – DelfSer
Connects To Delfina’S Expansion Connector (DelfExp)
Maximum Serial Speed Is 625000 Bps (1/64th Of The DSP Clock Rate)
Lower Speeds Are Generated By Dividing The Maximum Speed By An Integer
DB25 Serial Connector
Can Be Ordered With 100% Amiga Compatible Serial Port – Including -12V And +12V Power – Otherwise These Signals Are Simply Cut
Allocates A Buffer Of Its Own In Delfina’S Memory, So Using DelfSer May Disable Some Memory Hungry DSP Effects
A 24 Bit S/PDIF Digital I/O Was Also Planned For DelfExp, But Never Released

8 Bit Zorro Bus Interface Logic – When Running Many Sound Outputting Programs At The Same Time, The System May Feel Slow Responding


Amiga Delfina Lite

Front: Delfina Lite front view

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