Amiga Audio Peripherals

Delfina 1200

> Company: Petsoff, Finland
> Date: 1998
> Amiga: A1200
> Interface: clock port
> Autoconfig ID: ID14501 / 0

Motorola DSP56002 @ 37 (Underclocked 40 MHz) Or 73.7 MHz (Overclocked From 66 MHz)
24 Bit Data Bus
Fully Programmable Using The Supplied Software

96 KB, 24 Bit SRAM
One Half Of The Memory Can Be Addressed In Program And X Data Space, The Other Half Only In Y Data Space
Zero-Waitstate, 12 Ns

Crystal CS4231A Audio Codec
One Stereo RCA Input
One Stereo 3.5 Mm Input With Optional 20 DB Mic Amplifier
One Internal CD-ROM Input
One Stereo RCA Output
All Inputs Can Be Mixed With Delfina’S Output
Full Duplex Recording And Playback
AHI Support

Connects To The Clock Port
The Audio Cables Are Connected Directly Onto The Board, Not To The Back Of The Amiga


Amiga Delfina 1200

Front: Delfina 1200 front view

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