Amiga Bus Peripherals


> Company: Microway, USA
> Date: 1990
> Amiga: A2000
> Interface: Denise socket
> Autoconfig ID: ID3855 / 1

Flicker-Fixer Adaptor
DEB = Denise Extender Board
Provides An Additional Video Slot For The A2000
Originally Developed To Allow The Use Of The Microway AGA-2000 Flicker-Fixer When A Video Toaster Is Already Installed
Makes The AGA-2000 Genlock Compatible
May Not Be Compatible With Other Video Slot Devices Because It Lacks The Audio And Parallel Signals
An Adapter Board Connects To The Denise Socket Which Is Connected To The New Video Slot With A 26 Wire Ribbon Cable
The Video Slot Has No Fixed Place, It Can Be Put Anywhere In The A2000 Case
Works With The A500 Too


Amiga DEB-2000

Front: DEB-2000 front view

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