Amiga Processor Peripherals

DCE Taifun Taifun Lite

> Company: DCE, Germany
Date: 1998
Amiga: 1200
Interface: Trapdoor
Autoconfig ID: 2192/33,36

68030 @ 40 MHz QFP
optional 68882 @ 40 MHz PGA

8 MB RAM on board
one 72 pin SIMM socket accept 64 MB giving a total of 72 MB RAM

SCSI Controller
NCR 53CF94 controller IC
autoboot ROM (ematscsi.device)
50 pin internal SCSI header
optional external SCSI adaptor – 50 pin micro-D connector

battery backed up clock
installing the external SCSI adaptor does not require opening the A1200’s case
very cheap
was sold as Typhoon in the UK

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