Amiga Network Peripherals


Company: Zeus Electronic Development, Germany
Date: 1998
Amiga: A2000, A3000, A4000
Interface: Zorro II
Autoconfig ID: ID2189 / 1514 / 112


Ethernet Interface
AMD Am7990 Or Am79C90 Ethernet Controller Chip
32 KB Buffer
10Base2 (BNC) And 10Base5 (AUI) Connectors
Socket For Optional Boot EPROM
A2065 Emulation Mode – Selectable By Jumper
Uses The Drivers Of The A2065
Even The Autoconfig IDs Are Set To The A2065’S
The 79C90 IC May Cause Compatibilty Problems, It Is Advisable Replace It With A 7990, Which Is Also On The A2065
The Native Mode Uses A Slightly Different Memory Layout Which Allows An Additional ROM On The Board (Though There Is No Empty Socket For It)
SANA II Compatible
Slightly Faster Than The Commodore A2065
The BNC Port Is Sometimes Unreliable, The Card Works Best With The AUI Port


Amiga ConneXion

Front: ConneXion front view


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