Amiga IO Peripherals

Commodore A2232

> Company: Commodore International, US
Date: 1990
Amiga: 2000, 3000, 4000
Interface: Zorro 2
Autoconfig ID: 514/69,70

Serial interface
a complete computer on its own leaving the Amiga free for other tasks
65CE20 @ 3.58 MHz controls the I/O operations
has 4 times the computing power of a C64
16 kB RAM
the RAM is addressable by the MC680x0
seven 8 pin mini-DIN serial ports
not completely RS232C compatible, the RI signal (Ringing) is missing
has jumpers for each port to exchange the RxD (Recieve Data) and TxD (Transmit Data) lines – nullmodem mode without using special cable
seven adaptor cables with DB25 RS232C compatible serial ports supplied (80 cm long)
50-19200 bps transfer speed for each port
the card is capable of 115200 bps mode but only with the supplied software
up to five A2232 can be installed into one machine giving a total of 36 serial ports
supported by NetBSD (normal and turbo modes) and OpenBSD


Commodore A2232

Front: Commodore A2232 front view

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