Amiga Emulation Peripherals


> Company: Maxon Computer, Germany
> Date: 1991
> Amiga: any Amiga
> Interface: Zorro II, ISA
> Autoconfig ID: ID767 / 0

Atari ST Emulation
A 5×12 Cm Board Without Case Connecting To The External Floppy Disk Connector
Two Sockets For Atari ROMs (Delivered With TOS 1.2)
Up To Eight Atari Environments Can Run At One Time
AmigaOS And TOS Run Exclusively, Not Parallel, But The User Can Switch Between Them Anytime
The Special &Quot;Overtake&Quot; Mode Removes AmigaOS, Running Only TOS
Video Modes:
640×400 – 736×568 (HighRes), Monochrome
640×200 – 736×284 (MedRes), 4 Colours
320×200 – 368×284 (LowRes), 16 Colours
By Reducing The Vertical Resolution, Up To 70 Hz Is Possible
Does Not Support ECS Modes
With Fat Agnus 8372A, Either PAL Or NTSC Can Be Used
Does Not Simulate The Atari Hardware Registers
Programs Hitting The Hardware Do Not Run
Copy Protected Software And Games Generally Do Not Work
A Patch Is Supplied To Run Important Software Like Signum 2, TurboC 2.0 Or Stad
Hard Disk Support Needs Special Drivers – Hardfiles Are Not Supported, The Emulation Requires Dedicated Atari Partitions
Cannot Read The Special Hyperformatted (>720 KB) Floppy Disks
Provides Up To Two RAM Disks
Although The TOS Does Not Support Other Than The 68000 Processor, The Emulation Can Run Programs Faster With Later Processors
Does Not Emulate The Atari MIDI Interface

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