Amiga Bus Peripherals

Bus Expander

> Company: Bill’s Boards, USA
> Date: 1988
> Amiga: A1000, A500
> Interface: side expansion port
> Autoconfig ID: ID2206 / 31,159

Expansion Chassis
A Set Of Three Boards:
Driver Board – Connects To The Side Expansion Port And Drives A High Quality / Low Loss Cable Which Feeds The Motherboard
Motherboard – Holds The Expansion Slots
Bus Termination Board
Six Zorro II Slots
Six Or Seven ISA (Four Or Five AT, Two XT) Slots Which Are Inline With Three Zorro Slots
The Arrangement Of The Slots Is Similar To The A2000 Motherboard
The Zorro Slots Do Not Fully Support The Three Additional Interrupt Lines Of The Zorro II Specification (Compared To Zorro I)
The Motherboard Is Sized And Drilled To Fit In A Baby IBM AT Case (Which Is Not Supplied)
A Power Supply Is Required But Not Supplied

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