Amiga IO Peripherals

Bodega Bay

> Company: California Access, US
Date: 1990
Amiga: 500
Interface: side expansion port
Autoconfig ID: na

Expansion Chassis
a large metal box with plastic faceplate, sitting behind and overhanging the A500 – overall it’s a bit larger than an A2000
only the A500’s keyboard and floppy are exposed
connects to the side expansion port – no passthrough connector
four Zorro II slots
three ISA slots inline with the top three Zorro slots
cards are mounted horizontally
the Zorro expansion bus is buffered, closely emulating the A2000 bus design
two 5.25″ front drive bays
one 3.5″ internal drive bay
optional mounting kit for installing a California Access CA-880 external floppy drive internally – the drive is connected to the A500’s DB23 external floppy connector
200 watt internal power supply with monitor power connector
power and hard disk activity LEDs
does not give full A2000 capabilities to the A500 – it lacks CPU and video slots

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