Amiga Processor Peripherals

Phase 5 Blizzard Vision PPC Display

> Company: Phase 5, Germany
Date: 1998
Amiga: 1200
Interface: Blizzard PPC
Autoconfig ID: na

RTG Graphics card
3D Labs and Texas Instruments: Permedia 2
24 bit resolutions can be packed to achieve higher refresh rates and less memory usage but slows down graphics operations
145 MHz dot clock in 24 bit packed pixel modes
100 MHz in 32 bit modes
80 million textured 3D pixels per second
hardware accelerated rendering functions: z-buffering, gouraud shading, fogging, blending, antialiasing
support for color space conversion, chroma keying, XY scaling
25 MHz local PCI bus
8 MB 64 bit wide SGRAMv

Screen modes
programmable resolutions
no support for interlace screen modes
1280×1024×24 non-interlace
1600×1200×16 non-interlace

the CPU board requires a flash ROM update
no support for draggable screens
CyberGraphX 3 and 4.1 drivers
15 pin DSUB connector
4 pin 3D shutter glass connector
a large hole gives access to the floppy power and LED cable headers on the motherboard but not the clock port
no monitor switch
supported by Linux

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