Amiga Audio Peripherals


> Company: HiSoft, UK
> Date: 1995
> Amiga: A600, A1200
> Interface: PCMCIA
> Autoconfig ID: ID2112 / 191

12 Or 16 Bit Stereo Soundsampler
The 16 Bit Version Has An AD1847 DSP
Direct To Hard Disk Recording
Up To 60 KHz Sampling Into RAM
Up To 40 KHz Sampling To Hard Disk
72 DB Signal To Noise Ratio
Six RCA Connectors:
1 Stereo Input For Digitizing
1 Stereo Input For Mixing The Amiga Sound
1 Stereo Output
The Sampling Software Supports Playing And Editing Of 8 / 12 / 16 Bit Mono And Stereo Samples
Supported By OctaMED From V5.04
AHI Driver


Amiga Aura

Front: Aura front view

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