Amiga Emulation Peripherals


> Company: Vortex, Germany
> Date: 1990
> Amiga: A500A2000
> Interface: 68000 socketZorro II
> Autoconfig ID:

IBM AT Emulation
80286 @ 7.2 MHz
Plugs Into 68000 Socket – The Board Contains A 68000 Already
Installing Into An A2000 Requires An Adaptor Card Which Plugs Into The CPU Slot
No RAM On Board, It Uses The Amiga RAM
Video Emulation
CGA (Non-Interlaced)
Hercules (720*348 Interlaced) – Too Wide, Scrolls Horizontally
T3100 (640*400 Interlaced)
Olivetti (640*400 Interlaced)
Supports Virtual Drives (PC Hardfiles On Amiga Hard Disk)
Uses Amiga Floppy Drives
Uses Amiga Serial And Parallel Ports
The Amiga Mouse Is Emulated As Microsoft Compatible Mouse


Amiga ATonce

Front: ATonce front view

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