Amiga Processor Peripherals

Apollo 3040

> Company: ACT Elektronik, Germany
Date: 1996
Amiga: 3000, 4000
Interface: A3640
Autoconfig ID: 8738/35

68040 @ 28 / 33 / 40 MHz or 68060 @ 50 / 66 MHz

A4000: four 72 pin SIMM sockets accept up to 128 MB RAM
A3000: two 72 pin SIMM sockets accept up to 64 MB RAM
Supports 4, 8, 16, 32 MB SIMMs, 60 ns
Accepts FastPage and EDO RAM
Supports the very expensive ED-RAM (not EDO)
Memory disable jumper

SCSI 2 controller
not Fast SCSI 2
allows autoboot and supports RDB
50 pin internal header
optional external SCSI connector
not compatible with Quantum and some IBM hard disks

The RAM ends up as separate memory chunks unless there are only 32 MB SIMMs on the card or only one SIMM of any size
A4000: the card functions better if there’s still a 4 MB SIMM on the motherboard
A3000: a wire has to be connected between the A3000 SCSI chip and the Kickstart chips


Amiga Apollo 3040 Front

Front: Apollo 3040 front view

Amiga Apollo 3040 Back

Front: Apollo 3040 back view

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